The earliest production of sewage treatment with the centrifugal blower; the earliest use of biological turntable; the first production of the tower bio-filter; the first for the sludge treatment of the drum drum dehydration type; the earliest development of the center of the pier-type center drive scraping Mud machine, were born here.


ECgreat Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes and glass products.
The company's products mainly cover disposable electronic cigarettes, refill electronic cigarettes, Water Pipes, Quartz Banger/Nail and Smoking accessories.
At the stage of development and design, the company’s products focus on style creation. The products produced are unique in style from appearance design to color matching, from functional application to packaging processing, and provide consumers with high-quality products and professional services.
With the development concept of "ECgreat, make life great", the company is passionate, professional, and dedicated, and strives to become a characteristic brand of electronic cigarettes that consumers love, sharing the fun of science and technology, and making life great.